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Power BI
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BI Services

on demand BI analytics.
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Power BI how-to & tutorials
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ERP, CRM intergration for Power BI.
Tailor made solutions
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Power BI
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The Power BI system is designed for managers and business owners, and allows to analyze large amounts of business data even without prior experience with information systems. The system, developed and sold by Microsoft, incorporates an interactive view of reports and dashboards with business intelligence capabilities with a click of a button. Power BI reporting is clear, accurate and fast, and is transmitted directly to your computer or smartphone anytime and anywhere – exactly when you need it, which means now and not tomorrow.


Our intelligence is not artificial. It is human. As a company with years of experience in business analysis, Bina's Power BI system comes with an extensively experienced CPA proficient with a variety of business aspects, a BI development specialist and an IT expert, who will characterize the project in collaboration with you and help you achieve the desired result. At Bina, we don’t offer the same template to all our clients, but rather design the system in accordance with your business needs.

Team, Experience, Knowledge.

בינה BI

Bina is composed of accountants and analysts with extensive business experience. The team works in conjunction with technology development experts to provide you with a reliable system, which will present accurate information.

Low cost. Quick setup.


Installation and integration with MS Office software are carried out almost instantaneously. In comparison to other systems available in the market, the combination of Microsoft and Bina is the cheapest, fastest and most cost-effective.

Developed by Microsoft

בינה BI

We just know how to get the best out of it for you. Therefore, we will not try to explain how much time and money it will take us to develop a Power BI system for you.


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